New Sticker: Immigrants Welcome


The Border Is Not a Wall—It’s a System of Control

To accompany our new book, No Wall They Can Build: A Guide to Borders & Migration Across North America, and the poster accompanying it, “Borders: The Global Caste System,”, we have prepared a new sticker decrying the myths used to justify borders and welcoming all who cross them.

Thanks to the generous assistance of hundreds of supporters, we’ve produced 50,000 copies of the sticker, offset printed at 3” by 5”. They’re available in bulk at $0.05 to $0.20 each (from 5 for $1 up to 500 for $25). We’re also sending them out free with each copy of No Wall They Can Build. Order a stack of these and let people know where your community stands!

In response to popular demand, we’ve also prepared a poster version of the same design. Print these out, photocopy them, and wheatpaste them all over the walls of your town in English and Spanish!

You can download the English version of the poster here. You can download the Spanish version here.

Immigrants Welcome

The border is not a wall—it’s a system of control.

It doesn’t protect people; it pits them against each other.

It doesn’t foster togetherness; it breeds resentment.

It doesn’t keep out predators; it gives them badges and guns.

The border does not divide one world from another. There is only one world, and the border is tearing it apart.