Fun with Battle in Seattle

Today, Hollywood’s take on the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle, Battle in Seattle premiers in cities across the US. Strangely, one of the most important events in recent anarchist history is about to be re-broadcast to the world through Hollywood’s lens. Though the director of the movie claims his aim is to accurately represent the events of the protests, there are obviously some holes to be filled. We’ve composed a flyer to be distributed wherever the movie is shown, to help give movie-goers a better sense of where the anarchist movement is now, 9 years later.

Feel free to print this out and distribute it outside of movie theatres, or compose your own flier. Especially if this movie gets picked up for wider distribution, it will be crucial that we are there to present our side of the story, and to fan the flames of inspiration for anyone who may be excited to learn about what happened 9 years ago in Seattle.

Download the printable PDF here [1.5MB]

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