#63: Anarchists in the Trump Era, Year One—2017 in Review, Part III


Five key turning points from 2017 and lessons learned for anarchists

Listen to the Episode — 61 min


In Episode 63 of the Ex-Worker, we conclude our series of reflections on 2017 with an audio version of the recently published essay “Anarchists in the Trump Era: Scorecard, Year One.” It analyzes five key turning points in 2017, assessing how anarchists took part and what lessons we can learn for the battles ahead. While recognizing all we’ve accomplished under incredible stress, it argues for the importance of broadening our efforts to challenge authority and dismantle hierarchy in every area of our lives and our societies in 2018. Afterwards, Clara and Alanis debate themes from the essay and our year in review episodes, around relating to non-anarchists on the left, organizational formats, resiliency and care, and more. {Feb 7, 2018}

Notes and Links

  • Table of Contents:
    • Introduction {0:01}
    • Anarchists in the Trump Era: Scorecard, Year One {2:02}
    • Dawn of a New Apocalypse {3:43}
    • J20: A Call to Revolt {6:20}
    • The Airport Blockades: A Message to the Center {13:02}
    • Shutting Down Milo in Berkeley: A Risky Escalation {16:16}
    • Charlottesville: Moment of Truth {19:58}
    • The First J20 Trial: Pushing Back the Reaction {26:25}
    • What We Lost Along the Way {31:25}
    • The Challenges Ahead {33:22}
    • The Centrists {33:53}
    • The Authoritarian Left {38:52}
    • In Conclusion: Expanding the Anarchist Palette {43:09}
    • Reflections {45:58}
    • Prisoner Birthdays and Conclusion {58:45}
  • This episode is based on the recently published CrimethInc. essay “Anarchists in the Trump Era: Scorecard, Year One.”

  • The analysis we share in this episode is by no means comprehensive; for a detailed timeline of anarchist activity throughout 2017, check out the this report by It’s Going Down.

  • Prisoner birthdays this month:
    • Veronza Bowers, Jr. 35316–136
      FMC Butner
      Post Office Box 1600
      Butner, North Carolina 27509
      {February 4th}
    • Kamau Sadiki (Freddie Hilton) #0001150688
      Augusta State Medical Prison, Building 13A–2 E7
      3001 Gordon Highway
      Grovetown, Georgia 30813
      Address envelope to Freddie Hilton, address card to Kamau
      {February 19th}
    • Oso Blanco (Byron Chubbuck) #07909–051
      USP Victorville
      Post Office Box 3900
      Adelanto, California 92301
      Address envelope to Byron Chubbuck, address card to Oso Blanco {February 26th}